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Cancer Methylome System Information

The Cancer Methylome System (CMS) consist of whole genome-wide methylation data conducted by the methyl-CpG binding domain proteins followed by sequencing, or MBDCap-seq protocol. The current version contains methylation profiles from endometrial and breast cancers, and some normal samples are included for comparison purpose. The CMS makes rich, interactive genomic visualizations of the hyper/hypo-methylated regions across the human genome, accessible over the internet and sharable among collaborators.

The primary advantages of this database and visualization tool are its rich and interactive data display. Moving the mouse over an element in the browser will display the methylation enrichment (reads number) at that site. A unique differential methylated region (DMR) detection function is provided from the website, where users can easily find DMRs in selected region in the given database, or in the datasets uploaded by users. Users can download methylation values in BED Format for the interested region. In addition, users can upload their own data (bed format) to this website as a custom track to compare to existing tumor methylation profiles, as well as performing other functions in this website.